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Links are interactive elements that allow users to navigate to a new page or website or jump to a section of the current page.


PublishedElement can be used in production
PublishedElement can be used in production
PublishedElement can be used in production
ExperimentalElement offered for testing and feedback. Not intended for use in production.
PublishedElement can be used in production

What's new

The link component has been revised to meet accessibility guidelines for color and focus states. The Dell Design System v2 offers two types: standalone and inline links.

When to use

Buttons and links are not used for the same purpose. Choosing the right use case will make the experience clear for all users, particularly for those with cognitive and learning disabilities and for those using screen readers.

ElementUse cases
LinkUse to navigate a user to another page or website, another place on the same page, or to open a link in a new tab.
ButtonUse to trigger an action on a page or to complete tasks in forms, dialogs, and modals. Exception: “Back” and “Next” buttons may be used to navigate a wizard.


Design accessibility checklist

Review the Dell Accessibility team's checklist for links.

WebAIM hyperlink guide

Learn about hyperlink accessibility.