Off Canvas

Used to present secondary content or navigation which could be a part of the page but due to limited screen real-estate, or to focus user attention, sits just outside screen until triggered by the user.

An off canvas is a modal drawer that slides in from the right.

The page behind becomes frozen while an off canvas is open.

The browser scroll bar (or facsimile) controls the off canvas content while it's open instead of the page behind.

On larger breakpoints, an off canvas takes over a maximum of 10/12 columns, leaving a portion of the main screen visible.

On smaller breakpoints, the off canvas takes over the entire screen.

  • On smaller breakpoints, tabs become a vertical CTA list that each opens its own off-canvas.

The off canvas masthead is a fixed element that remains in its persistent location as the user scrolls.

To close an off canvas, either select the left-most CTA in its masthead (typically "< Back") or on a touchscreen swipe it to the right.

Do's and Don'ts



Common Button Labels and Usage

Title case, 2-3 words maximum.
Do not combine actions in a label (exception: "Customize & Buy").
If standard labels don't fit the button's purpose, align label with the task the user is attempting.

Please refer to the Dell Technologies branding website,, for further information regarding call-to-action labels and usage.

Button Label:
Corresponding Action:
Add to Cart
Sign In/Sign Out
View Details
Learn More
Takes users to Cart page, with item added
Used for search buttons
Takes users back to entry point for a task
Used to save an item
Navigates users to change an item
Deletes an item on the page, usually with a verification step
Used as progression
Used as forward and backward navigation (Next is primary, Previous is secondary)
Used to submit a task or info
Used for choosing items in a task flow
Authentication standard, for consistency do not use Log In/Log Out or Signin/Signout
Used instead of “Select” in cases of product details or within learn content
For use in modal verification steps when more specific CTAs will not fit due to space
Used to link users to more learning content or contextual help
Used within modal windows

Off Canvas

<div> <!-- The first div is used as a full screen background overlay. There are a few components that use this overlay so it only needs to be added once preferably at the top of the page below the body tag. This is a usable example. <div id="dds__full-screen-overlay" class="dds__overlay"></div> --> <div id="exampleModalOffcanvas" tabindex="-1" class="dds__modal dds__modal-offcanvas" role="dialog" aria-labelledby="dds__modal-title3" aria-hidden="true" style=""> <!-- <div class="dds__modal-dialog" role="document"> --> <div class="dds__modal-content"> <div class="dds__container-fluid dds__p-1"> <div class="dds__row"> <div class="dds__col-6"> <button class="dds__btn dds__btn-link" data-dismiss="dds__modal" aria-label="Back"> <i class="dds__icons dds__chevron-left" aria-hidden="true"></i> <span>Back</span> </button> </div> </div> </div> <div class="dds__modal-body"> <h2 id="dds__modal-title3">Offcanvas Header</h2> <p>Bacon ipsum dolor amet pork pig turkey prosciutto filet mignon. 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Ball tip meatball bacon, pig filet mignon t-bone ham hock kielbasa. Pork loin cupim ground round bresaola ribeye flank chicken. Flank tongue sausage andouille, spare ribs landjaeger pastrami shoulder. Frankfurter beef shank, meatball alcatra beef ribs jerky ribeye rump corned beef porchetta chuck cow.</p> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor amet narwhal mlkshk kale chips try-hard forage, gentrify copper mug four dollar toast tumeric chartreuse. Messenger bag listicle XOXO DIY, microdosing health goth semiotics palo santo pabst vape. Vape ennui cronut tbh ugh. Banjo marfa organic affogato. Organic venmo vinyl vaporware. Chillwave cold-pressed aesthetic, jean shorts godard celiac man bun twee banh mi raw denim keffiyeh lo-fi skateboard. Pickled air plant next level, woke DIY adaptogen cliche austin.</p> <p>Bicycle rights franzen keffiyeh ugh crucifix affogato pabst knausgaard austin scenester narwhal polaroid. 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The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops standards and support materials to help you understand and implement accessibility.

An off canvas is highly similar to a modal.

Please follow the best practices for modal dialogs from WAI-ARIA authoring practices 1.1.

Please also refer to these recommendations for dialogs from WAI-ARIA 1.1.

You may refer to these examples of modal dialogs from WAI-ARIA practices 1.1.

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