Tooltips display short, helpful information when the user hovers or taps a trigger element.

A tooltip may be triggered via mouse hover on text or an icon.

  • If the triggering component is a text , then it should consist of no more than 3 words and be styled with a dotted underline.

The tooltip component itself doesn't receive focus. It's displayed for the duration that the triggering component has focus.

Maximum character count for tooltip copy is 200 characters. If more copy than this is desired, then consider using a popover.

If the tooltip is invoked with mouseIn, then it is dismissed with on mouseOut.

Escape key will also dismiss a tooltip without needing to remove focus from the triggering component or utilizing on mouseOut. This is useful for seeing a subject that was blocked by a tooltip, but without switching focus to do so.

Do's and Don'ts



Common Button Labels and Usage

Title case, 2-3 words maximum.
Do not combine actions in a label (exception: "Customize & Buy").
If standard labels don't fit the button's purpose, align label with the task the user is attempting.

Please refer to the Dell Technologies branding website,, for further information regarding call-to-action labels and usage.

Button Label:
Corresponding Action:
Add to Cart
Sign In/Sign Out
View Details
Learn More
Takes users to Cart page, with item added
Used for search buttons
Takes users back to entry point for a task
Used to save an item
Navigates users to change an item
Deletes an item on the page, usually with a verification step
Used as progression
Used as forward and backward navigation (Next is primary, Previous is secondary)
Used to submit a task or info
Used for choosing items in a task flow
Authentication standard, for consistency do not use Log In/Log Out or Signin/Signout
Used instead of “Select” in cases of product details or within learn content
For use in modal verification steps when more specific CTAs will not fit due to space
Used to link users to more learning content or contextual help
Used within modal windows