UX Content Style Guide

Table of Contents

What is the style guide, and how should I use it?
This guide aims to provide product design teams at Dell with a single set of standards and best practices for user interface content. Reference the content writing rules in this guide as you build experiences for our customers and internal users.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

  • For general grammar usage, check the latest version of the AP Stylebook.
  • For brand and voice guidelines, visit the Dell Technologies Brand Website.
  • For technical writing guidelines, visit the IDD Style Guide on inside.dell.com.
  • For a glossary of words and word-usage, visit the IDD Style Guide (page 60) on inside.dell.com.
  • For SEO information, visit the SEO Guide on inside.dell.com
  • If you have questions, please contact alexis_kraus@dell.com.

What we consider UX content:

  • Any instructional content or microcopy that helps people complete tasks on the website.
  • Informational text that pertains to the user’s experience on the website.
  • Labels and other verbiage associated with any of the components in our UI design system.
  • Error alerts and system-wide communications triggered by Dell.
  • Transactional notifications, emails and other types of communication triggered by users.

Other types of content:

  • Marketing and thought leadership articles, press releases, case studies, etc.
  • Advertising banners and other types of ad placements.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Marketing communications sent to customers.
  • Non-digital forms of marketing communications.

This guide may not include rules that are relevant for marketers, technical writers and people working outside realm of the Dell Design System.