Getting Started with Figma

This page describes how to access the Dell Design System v2 Figma libraries. These libraries are currently only available to Dell employees and contractors.

The following steps outline how to get access to Figma. By creating your account, joining the Dell Design System v2 Figma team, and enabling the libraries, you will be able to use the Components and Patterns and Data visualization Figma libraries in your projects. Each component has been reviewed by Dell’s Brand, Globalization, and Accessibility teams.

It is also recommended you join Dell Accessibility Figma team to enable the Accessibility Annotation Kit and make sure your designs are inclusive and usable to all of your users.

Please note that the DDS v2 libraries cannot be used in combination with DDS v1 libraries. You can still access the Dell Design System v1 at its new URL.

Getting access to Figma

If you already have a Figma account set up with your Dell or Dellteam email address, visit and sign in. If you do not have a Figma account, visit the page Figma at Dell created by Dell Digital Design’s Design Operations team for information on Figma and how to set up your account.

You do not need to request edit access in the tool in order to join a team in Figma, view the UI kit, or enable the DDS v2 libraries⁠. You only need to request edit access if you are a designer who will be sharing design files with your team. To obtain edit access, you may need to contact your manager or your team’s Figma administrator for approval.

Join the Dell Design System v2 Figma team

Once you are signed in to Figma, you should find yourself in the Dell Figma organization. In the search bar, search for Dell Design System then select Teams. Click the Join button on the Dell Design System v2 card to become a member. You must be a member of this team before you can enable the DDS v2 libraries.

Figma screen highlighting the Teams and Join links

Managing components

Components are listed in the Assets panel. Click any component and drag it from the panel onto your canvas. Some components are more customizable than others. Buttons, for example, contain kinds, options, and states that can be modified. You can find this information in each component’s documentation. Visit Figma’s documentation to learn more about how to add components to your designs.

Integrating styles

All of the foundational styles for colors, typography, elevation, and grid will fully integrate into Figma when you enable the DDS v2 libraries. You can access library styles in the Properties panel by selecting the style you want to update. Visit Figma’s Style documentation to learn how to work with styles on your canvas.

Reviewing updates

You may see a notification that prompts you to review or dismiss component updates. Carefully review the updates before accepting them—they may break your layout or design and you will not be able to undo those changes. Select Review from the notification and choose the updates you would like to apply. Visit Figma’s documentation to learn how to review and accept updates from libraries.